With Aroma Fusion, Yon-Ka invites you to indulge with a unique sensorial experience. With this new body collection by Yon-Ka, embark on a phyto-aromatic journey where the essential oils unveil the vast array of their their properties and allow you to enjoy a unique and utmost pleasurable experience.

Each and every woman will enjoy this made-to-measure beauty program, as it is designed to respond to their specific needs and mood of the moment, and to make them feel good about themselves.


Drawing from its unique expertise in phytotherapy, Yon-Ka has created 4 original aromatic compositions designed as an invitation to 4 different sensorial journeys bringing together beauty and relaxation, balance and wellbeing:

Lavender / Everlasting bringing back memories of Provence
Cedar / Cypress to enjoy a walk in the woods
Mandarin / Sweet Orange reminding Corsica
Tiare Flower and Jasmin as an invitation to a journey to Polynesia.

Because Yon-Ka takes care of all the women, the AROMA-FUSION concentrates have been designed to answer 4 beauty concerns:

DETOX : with essential oils of Lavender and Everlasting, perfect to relieve the skin from daily aggressions
SILHOUETTE : with essential oils of Cedar and Cypress, to help tone and invigorate
VITALITY : with essential oils of Mandarin and Sweet Orange, to help provide renewed energy.
RELAX : with captivating notes of Tiare Flower and Jasmin to allow total let-go

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